The 27th week

Your Road to Employment

How to find your way to a job
The Canadian job market as a magnet immediately attracts immigrants after arrival to Canada. How can immigrants enter this market and successfully sell their skills, education and experience? There is no special secret: you have to explore the Canadian job market, thoroughly prepare your skills, education and experience so that they meet market requirements and start an advertising campaign to attract employers!
This week you will put your focus on finding a job, applying your knowledge of a half year of living in Canada for this specific purpose and draw up your own action plan for finding a job.
To do this, first of all, you have to:
•Find out about your occupation in Canada because here your job duties may be significantly different from what you were doing before immigration and find out what employers want from experts in your occupation.
•Decide what to do to be ready to offer yourself in the Canadian job market.
•Learn if your occupation is in demand, where and whether it has prospects for the future.

Who gets a job faster
In order to take action, you should also to learn about the Canadian job search rules. Indeed, the job search is both a science and an art. Therefore, the person who more quickly finds a job is the person who knows effective job search techniques.
There is no way to know in advance how much time you will need to find a job because there are too many objective and subjective factors involved in this process. On average, well-trained immigrants seek work in their occupations in Canada from six months to a year. That's how long you have to be patient, stock up on living expenses and reserve your physical and mental strength.

Why some find a job and others do not
This is due to how competently you act and how much time you devote to finding a job. How much time per day should you spend to find a job? Employment counselors agree that job search is a full time job. The regular working hours in Canada are 40 hour work week, so this is how much time you have to spend looking for job in a week. Much will depend on the methods of job search you'll be using since some methods work better and others are less effective. The following sources will help you to choose the most suitable method to find a job.

Three best books about job search
The book Landing a Job for Canadians for Dummies, written by Dawn McCoy, was published in 2003. In its 400 pages, the author describes the basic concepts of employment in Canada, rules of writing resume and cover letters, effective job search techniques, interview preparation and salary negotiation.
The book How to Find a Job in Canada, written by Efim Cheinis and Dale Sproule, was published in 2008. This 380 page book designed for immigrants, is based on the Canadian material and has simple and accessible English. The book includes such topics as preparation for employment, study in Canada and the most common jobs which are available to immigrants in the first year of life in the country. In this book, you will find characteristics of the visible and hidden job markets as well as a description of assistance that immigrants can get from Canadian government and public organizations. Also this book pays attention to resume writing and interview preparation with a description of the most common mistakes made by immigrants. As well, you will find a description of the Canadian labour laws and an overview of the job market in all the provinces and territories of Canada.
In 2009, Lynda Goldman published a book for new immigrants You're Hired ... Now What?
This 405 page book explains how to keep a job after finding it. This book will be useful when you do find a job.

Three best websites about job search
On the Internet, there is lot of information about employment - there are thousands of sites. So that newcomers do not try to embrace the endless possibilities, I recommend these three best Canadian sites.
The Department of Human Resources in Canada has created a site: This is a real encyclopaedia of employment in Canada. Very useful information can be found on this site for both for those who are preparing for immigration and for those who have already arrived in Canada.
The site,, has a 40-page booklet "Guide to Working in Canada.
A source of free and useful information for immigrants". This manual, compiled for new immigrants, describes in detail the problems that they encounter when trying to find a job, and provides advice on how to get employment.
And, of course, do not miss the employment site in your language: