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"Your First Year in Canada"

Efim Cheinis immigrated to Canada in 1995 from St. Petersburg (Russia), where he worked as a senior research scientist after having acquired his PhD degree. He currently lives in Toronto. 
After immigration, Efim studied the problems most commonly facing newcomers in Canada after arrival. He found that the majority of new immigrants were not prepared for life in Canada and made a lot of mistakes while attempting to integrate into the Canadian society. As a result, newcomers feel confusion, uncertainty, and helplessness. 

After gaining Canadian experience, Efim now works as a self-employed consultant and writer and has published over 200 articles in the local press to help new immigrants successfully settle in Canada. 
Efim Cheinis is a co-author of the book "How to Find a Job in Canada. Common Problems and Effective Solutions", which was published in 2008 by Oxford University Press in the "Canadian Newcomer Series". This book is a complete job guide that addresses employment topics from a newcomer’s perspective (
The book "Your First Year in Canada" written by Efim Cheinis contains information based on years of experience studying immigrants’ lives in Canada, meeting and talking with people who have attained success in Canada and those who, on the other hand, failed to adapt to new realities. The author has become acquainted with many newcomers from different countries during his lectures for immigrants, conducted at the Lawrence Square Employment Resource Centre and in the "Assisted Job Search Program".