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"Your First Year in Canada"


Praise for "Your First Year in Canada"

"You wouldn't take an exam without studying, so why would you do something as life-changing as immigrating to Canada without being properly prepared? Preparation truly is the key to success. This book is very well researched and will enable you to hit the ground running in Canada - and then keep you on schedule so you can reach your goals as quickly as possible. The book will also warn you in advance of barriers you are likely to encounter and give you tips for getting over or around them. Order a copy and get ready to succeed!"
- Dale Sproule, Founder and Publisher Canadian Newcomer/Settlement Roadmap
www.cnmag.ca, Toronto.

"I found the information you give to be very valuable to new immigrants. Your writing style is really quite good. I enjoyed reading it."
- Patricia Stockwell, ESL Teacher, Hummingbird Educational Service, London ON.

"I can see the importance of the book and its value to those thinking of coming to Canada or already here."
- Arnold Gosewich, Literary Agent and Book Publishing Consultant.

"Certainly, I am deeply impressed with the outline and style of your book manuscript on such a critically important topic. "
- Thelma Barer-Stein, PhD. Culture Concepts Books.

"The most critical time for new immigrants to Canada is their first year as it could be the differentiating factor between great success and immense obstacles. This book will definitely guide its readers through the hurdles and pitfalls steering them towards their ultimate goals. I recommend this book to all my clients.”
- Gerard Zouein, Regulated Immigration Consultant in Quebec & Canada

This is a book for new immigrants and people planning to make this country a home. It is written in plain English and easy to understand. The author of this book Efim Cheinis shares his experience of life in Canada as an immigrant. He discusses many of the problems he originally encountered as a new immigrant and proposes solutions to help others be better prepared. This book is interesting in that the author analyzed a large amount of information and offered people not only general knowledge about Canada, but developed a plan of action for 52 weeks of the first year of life in Canada. There are also very helpful links provided directing newcomers to the most important sources of information.
I want to recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about Canada, to get familiar with the problems faced by new immigrants and to discover how to make the most out of their first year in Canada."
- Marina Novinskaya, Community Settlement Worker, North York Community House, Toronto

Who will benefit from this book

The book is intended primarily for those who have come to Canada as immigrants. They could be skilled workers and professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, and self-employed. Also there are family class immigrants, temporary workers, foreign students, live-in caregivers and visitors.
Sometimes, people who have come to Canada want to apply for the refugee program or a humanitarian program of compassion. Applicants for these programs will find in this book an action plan leading to success. Also, if you come to Canada to stay, to marry a Canadian woman or man, then this book will teach you how to do it.
All of the above categories of immigrants will benefit from this book in order to plan their first year in Canada. The book can also be useful to those who are just thinking about immigration, or simply want to learn more about Canada to make a decision. Preparing to immigration is not just filling out paperwork and packing luggage. First of all, you have to go with a certain mood, which I would call optimistic, with real information and a willingness to overcome difficulties. I think that this book will help you understand the reality of life in your first year in Canada.

How is this book different

I hope that this book will allow you to start your successful adaptation even before you are fluent in English. Because of that, this book was written in plain English and a lot of sources are indicated where you will find information in your native language.
An important feature of this book is the fact that it is entirely based on Canadian information sources. Moreover, it is not only a textbook but also a handbook for immigrants: many readers will find the names of organizations, their addresses, telephone numbers, and Internet addresses plus links to websites, where you can get more information on most issues.
I would like to devote a few words to the Internet. Today's Canadian Internet is the most powerful source of information. Therefore, I use considerable pages telling about the search for information in virtual space. All web addresses in this book are correct at the time of publication.

How to read this book

This book contains systematic material: all chapters are in a certain sequence and concern the theme of adaptation in the first year of life in Canada. However, this does not mean that it should be read slowly from beginning to the end or without having read the previous chapter, it is impossible to understand the next. Almost all the chapters are independent of each other, so you should start reading this book from the chapter that you need.
The book consists of two sections. The first section describes the features of adaptation for different categories of Canadian immigrants and social groups. The second section is a sample of a 52-week plan of action for the first year in Canada.
It may be useful for you to first go to the section relating to your situation, and then to start creating your own plan, using as a base the sample of the 52-week plan shown in the second section of the book. At the same time, you can exclude from the plan actions that do not relate to your status, and include additional steps or change order of weeks, whatever would be more suited to your particular situation.

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Your first year in Canada

Welcome to Canada! You have arrived at a peaceful, free and democratic country with equality among nations and a high standard of living.

Stepping on Canadian land, many immigrants hope that all their difficulties are left behind, ignoring the fact that they have arrived in a country with a new language, different social system and public administration, unfamiliar laws, a western economy, and a different culture and values.

In your first year of life in Canada you will have to overcome numerous immigration barriers. This first year of life in Canada will change not only your lifestyle, but also your way of thinking. You will part with unfounded illusions and be able to stand with both feet firmly planted on the ground. You'll see what can be achieved in Canada, and by which means you will acquire success.

The book "Your First Year in Canada" will help you plan your first year and succeed in Canada.

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1000 Questions and Answers about Settlement in Canada

This is a complete guidebook for newcomers which provide in-depth information about education, employment, health care, government assistance and settlement programs. In the way that people use travel guidebooks to help them navigate new places when they are traveling, this book aims to help newcomers navigate their new home, where they are planning to settle.

What is unique about this book is that it is written in question and answer format and accessible as a reference for specific questions, which they will be able to access using the table of contents. The book also includes important addresses, phone numbers and Internet sites, which can be used to connect with organizations, agencies and businesses serving newcomers across Canada.

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